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« After my Erasmus program, I felt ready to work in Poland. »

Before starting at IPI, I already had a mechanical engineering vocational degree from Safran. My tutor at the time pushed me to focus on management, and I did the first-year RPPI master’s. While I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence and had trouble in school, I realized that I enjoyed my work. The school, which prepares students for the professional world, helped me boost my ambitions and establish a career path. That’s why after my Erasmus program, I felt ready to work in Poland. At the end of 9 months, I was given a promotion and made team leader. Then I decided to return to France and do a SPI second-year master’s so I could acquire a solid skills base before returning to Poland and becoming production manager.

Reviews, feedback or stories of PATRIER-DELUNSCH THEO

Student , Promotion SPI 2019

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