in&ma is the graduate school for performance. For 30 years, our government-recognized, work-study, first-year and second-year master’s degree programs have allowed Business Engineering Managers and Industrial Managers to join the largest companies in France and around the world.

in&ma is a smaller, more intimate school with an ambitious, rigorous and authentic character. Our curricula provide a dual technical and managerial skillset and are based on wide-ranging and varied courses given by professionals (seminars, case studies, business games, courses in English) and the students’ professional projects, which are done in the host companies and carried out with the support and input from a tutor and the teaching staff.

We chose to base all of our curricula on a work-study format because we believe that it is the best way for students to become familiar with the business world and learn about all of its complexities while proving one’s own abilities in that environment. It is a proven approach, reflected by the 60% recruitment rate of our students who are hired to work for their host companies at the end of the program and the 90% professional integration rate of our graduates who find work within 6 months after earning their degree.



3first-year and second-year master’s programs

4campuses, 3 campuses in the French cities of Albi (81), Châlons-en-Champagne (51), and Le Mans (72) et and 1 campus on the Island of Réunion (974)

350students per year

1000partner companies


Enjoyment, Progress and Sharing: in&ma pedagogy relies on these three aspects of performance and on a team made up of business professionals, specialist consultants and experts in their fields: teachers, PhDs, technicians and managers of major companies. They are in direct contact with the industrial sector, and their courses are rooted in business realities. They train professionals who can respond to today’s problems while anticipating those of tomorrow. Their professional experience also acts as pedagogic experience since it is based in proven proactive methods.


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